Enable Multi Factor authentication for your AWS account

If you are beginner of AWS like me and wondering how the account can be secure for unauthorized access then enable multi factor authentication using smart phone app code.

Sign in to AWS console with root account.



Select IAM (Identity & Access Manager) under ‘Security, Identity & Compliance’ Section.



Under Dashboard, select ‘Activate MFA on your root account’



Click on ‘Manage MFA device’, then select ‘A virtual MFA device’.


Before click on ‘Next Step’, install ‘Google authenticator’ app in your smart phone. Following is the list of APP supported by AWS.

 Android Google Authenticator; Authy 2-Factor Authentication
 iPhone Google Authenticator; Authy 2-Factor Authentication
 Windows Phone Authenticator
 Blackberry Google Authenticator


Click on ‘Next Step’ then scan the bar code from ‘Google Authenticator’ mobile app.

Barcode1    Barcode2


Once bar code activated successfully on phone then place two consecutive authentication code (each code generates in interval of a minute) and click on ‘Activate virtual MFA’ then click on Finish.

activate MFA.jpg


Refresh AWS page and then you will see MFA is activated.



If you Sign out then Sing in again into AWS console. You need to supply username, password and authentication code generated from mobile app.


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